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Chris Mullins

There are in fact a couple of task bar related windows commands.  Windows+t puts focus on the currently running apps and task bar pinned items.  Windows+b puts focus on the system tray which contains apps running in the background.  Here you can press enter on the Notification chevron button to open  the overflow area, which lists background items that don’t fit on the system tray.  You will find the NVDA icon in the system tray or it’s overflow area and you can press enter on it to display the NVDA menu.  This means you can access the NVDA menu without having to use the NVDA key to do so.





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Subject: Re: [nvda] Caps lock key not working as insert key


The task bar, which it sounds as though you are talking about is gotten to with the command Windows key b.  I doubt this has changed in Windows 10. 


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Caps lock key not working as insert key


Also, if you can't find the insert key, if you can get to the notification/status bar on windows - windows key + N, if NVDA icon is showing up there, you can also invoke context menu on it to get to preferences, keyboard preferences, etc. etc.


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On 2017-03-04 20:05, Chris wrote:

Not really necessary On a fresh install of nvda  theres a pop up dialog which allows the modifier to be changed if so desired




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