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On 3/4/16, Gene <> wrote:
Saving settings on exit isn't necessarily a good idea. You may change one
or more settings to accomplish a specific task or to try a different voice
and you may intend them to be experimental. There is such a thing as too
much automation. I believe that making permanent changes in a program
should be intentional, not automatic. And you can save settings very
easily. You don't even have to use the menus. Simply issue the command
control alt c if you want to permanently save settings.

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To make doubly sure you've saved all your settings, it's an idea to go to
the NVDA menu as soon as you've changed settings and choose Save
Configuration. Also, go to the NVDA menu, Preferences, General Settings, and
make sure "Save configuration on exit" is checked.

We're all learning, so no need to make out you're dumb!

Vince in England.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA2016.1 doesn't read Emoticons with Vocalizer nor

Thanks a lot! No wonder! now these read great! but now I wonder does
the NVDA+e option stay activate even though I exit NVDA? I'm just
starting with NVDA after using Jaws almost 16 years so sorry if these
questions sound like weird?

El 04/03/2016 09:34 a.m., Allan WKF escribió:
> Hi,
> Did you turn it on by pressing NVDA+E?
> --
> Allan WKF
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> Subject: [nvda] NVDA2016.1 doesn't read Emoticons with Vocalizer nor
> HI guys
> Great luck in your list move! or I mean in our since I just came
> I'd like to debut by asking if any tips/tricks why with NVDA2016.1 with
> Vocalizer nor Eloquence, the Emoticons aren't read? When I browse to
> insert them via NVDA+i, they do read fine, but when I review them after
> sending, or when someone sends me one, NVDA doesn't read these. Thanks
> for info.doesn't read the emoticons?

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