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I dont understand it either its just rubbish acessibility wise and even after some tweaking its still rubbish i just dont get it either :D

On 27/03/2016 10:27, Felix G. wrote:

Accessibility-wise, Chrome remains out of the question for me. I type an URL and hit enter, and the website will not be navigated to automatically by the screen reader. I have to do NVDA+F5 and sometimes tab, f6 and such. It's hit or miss, and more miss than hit. Others, strangely enough, seem blissfully unaffected by all this while I keep running into it on every system. Whatever it is I'm doing wrong, it seems difficult to pin down. Suggestions appreciated, though.
Seems we're headed for a browser crisis.
Kind regards,
Felix Gr├╝tzmacher

On Sun, 27 Mar 2016 at 10:37 Dejan Ristic <r.dejan83@...> wrote:
Yes, I have experienced it, too. I do not know whether Jaws users have been experiencing it, too. It would be good to compare both the screen readers with regard to Mozilla Firefox, so that an issue concerning this may be considered, and it may also be found out whether the issue comes from either NVDA or Jaws, or even Mozilla Firefox itself.

On 3/26/2016 3:10 PM, Felix G. wrote:
Hello list!
Is anyone else experiencing sluggish behavior in Firefox 45? Specifically, the following occurs for me with NVDA, but may or may not be related to NVDA of course:
- NVDA randomly repeating the Window title
- Navigation sometimes bounces back to the previously selected element if I go too fast. When navigating very slowly this does not occur. By navigation, I refer to the arrow keys and also to quick nav keys like h for heading and k for link.
- Responsiveness is generally slow when arrowing around in complex web pages like Facebook, Youtube etc.
I am suspecting NVDA is involved to some extent as the affected key commands are interpreted by NVDA rather than by FF.
Has anyone experienced this, and found a way to recover?
Kind regards and happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it,
Felix Gr├╝tzmacher

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