Re: NVDA doesn't read certain controls in applications that run as another user

Laughing Thunder


If you run NVDA as admin along with the other app, you can get around that problem, but you have to exit your copy of NVDA before running it as admin. What I did was create a shortcut to NVDA, and went into its properties, and specified that the particular shortcut should run as admin. I then run the app I need to use as admin, exit NVDA, then use my shortcut to run NVDA as admin also. When I'm done working in the elevated app, I exit that app, along with NVDA, then restart my original instance of NVDA under my own account. It's not convenient, since you need to have identical NVDA configurations in both your admin and standard accounts if you expect NVDA to behave the same way in both instances, but it gets the job done. Just be mindful of the possible security implications, and remember to exit the elevated copy of NVDA along with the elevated app, and return to your original instance of NVDA when done.

Hope that helps.

On 3/5/2017 3:32 PM, Simon Jaeger wrote:
Hi all,
Subject line pretty much says it all. If I'm on a non-admin account and I run something as the administrator account, a lot of controls (such as list views, tree views etc) won't read properly. Anyone have any workarounds? This is no ta common issue and I suspect it's not easily solvable either, but I figure there's no harm in asking.


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