Re: Amazon No Longer Accessible?

kelby carlson <kelbycarlson@...>

I'm using Firefox on Windows 10. Just as an example: if I go to the
main site (NOT the mobile one) and click on "your account" and "your
orders" there is no list of options to view your open, digital or
canceled orders as there was before. Like I said, the entire website
looks different so I can't go over everything. But it doesn't sound
like anyone here has a solution.

On 3/6/17, Ron Canazzi <aa2vm@...> wrote:
Hi Group,

Is this for Amazon Worldwide or just Amazon UK? I just tried it here in
the US and I don't see any differences.

On 3/5/2017 2:50 PM, kelby carlson wrote:
This was specifically in the last day or so. The layout of the site
had completely changed and a lot of the options simply aren't even
there anymore.

On 3/5/17, Arlene <nedster66@...> wrote:
Do you think there's a slight glitch?

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last week the site seem to be working fine.

On 3/5/17, James AUSTIN <james.londonsw15@...> wrote:
Hi everyone

I bought some USB memory sticks from Amazon on Thursday, and had no
trouble at all in searching for and purchasing them.

Take care


On 05/03/2017 19:07, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

I'll probably have to do the same thing. The last time I bought a CD
from Amazon was 2 years ago.

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Well, guess I'll have to look for a different online retailer or try
to buy products directly from the manufacturer.

On 3/5/17, The Wolf <hank.smith966@...> wrote:
I had to get my mom to update my payment methods

so it isn't just you.
On 3/5/2017 7:24 AM, kelby carlson wrote:
Has anyone else had serious issues with Amazon in the last day or
The website has totally changed its layout and a bunch of things
are no onger accessible. For example, when I click on a recent
order it takes me to a page where it only says how much I paid for
the order, but there's no link or anything to manage my order. So,
I can't cancel a Kindle pre-order that I no longer want.

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