Re: Has anyone else had this happen? random buzzing sound since upgrading to 17.1 ...

Laurie Mehta

Thanks Tyler, Robert and others...

This buzz sound was sounding after a comma or period following a proper name or abbreviation so I did not make the connection that it might be a spell-correct indicator.

Yes, I realize that proper names or abbreviations that are not contained in an application's dictionary will be noted as misspellings by the program, but I had not realized that NVDA had added the spelling feature and I just did not make the connection when I heard the sound.
Amusingly enough, the buzz sounded just now as I typed NVDA.

Anyway, thanks very much for your responses, each of you, and thanks also to Tyler and Robert for explaining how to undo the feature if I need to do that.

Have a great day!
- Laurie


On Fri, 3/3/17, you wrote:

It's not random, it
occurs when you make a spelling error, as
determined by the application you are using,
like Microsoft Word and

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