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Hi Pauline,

Once you login in, hit windows + d and you will go to the desktop, then Windows 10 looks like Windows 7.

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Hi Pauline

the following web page might help you at

The page was put together when i first went up to Windows 10 with some updates. it is things that most people would change or not in Windows 10.

There is some audio tutorials and the rest are written in sections.

There might be other stuff you might be interested in from off my
website. There are links to other pages to do with written and audio
tutorials for nvda along with other blindness related material.

You can jump down by headings to the different sections on all of my pages.

hope this pages help you to customize windows a little.

Gene nz

On 6/03/2017 5:19 PM, Pauline Smith wrote:
Good Evening,

I finally took the plunge and upgraded my computer to Windows 10. Are
there any tutorials or other information to help one learn how to
navigate in the new system? I have the latest version of NVDA installed.

One thing I have noticed already is that I cannot seem to use the
braille display I have been borrowing. Don't know if the drivers have
to be reinstalled or what.


<b>Check out the new location of my accessibility central website for NVDA tutorials, NVDA road tested programs, and other eyesight related topics. If you would like to keep up to date with whats being updated on our website, you can also follow us on facebook by visiting
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Also, check out which New Zealand libraries have the NVDA screen reader available by visiting the following link

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