Re: Slightly OT: I have my gmail full and want to delete some amount of mail Can anyone help?

Dejan Ristic

Hi friend,

Open your gmail account in your browser. After doing so, choose a button called "Basic HTML view." When you switch to it you will be able to go to the checkbox areas pertaining to each mail message in your inbox by using the X letter. The mails that you want to delete are to be checked by the space bar. When you have done the checking, use B to find the delete button. Press it, and your checked mails will be sent to the Trash folder. If you wish to empty it too, the procedure is the very same. I use Mozilla Firefox to handle my gmail account. You can also engage other browsers, though.

If you wish to find the HTML view in Chrome, you are obliged to switch to the focus mode, for only then will you be able to find the very button by using tab and/or shift tab. If you use Firefox, be in the browse mode, and go to the very top of the page to find the very button, either.

If you wish to treat the Spam folder, the procedure of emptying is the same as already described. The only thing you should do is choose a folder you wish to treat.

On 3/7/2017 6:46 AM, Ketan Kothari wrote:
Hi friends,

I am using NVDA 2017.1 and wish to delete a substantial amount of
mails. How do I do this? I believe I will have to use standard view.
Please do guide. I would like to avoid sighted assistance if I could.

Thank you.

With best wishes,


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