Re: New Sounds?

Armando Maldonado

I wiuld like ot know how to disable? Thanks.

On 3/7/2017 3:52 PM, Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:
Hey guys, gotta question.
I was just using my PC after installing the update which just came out for Windows 10 Essentials. I noticed that now when I open my start screen, or if I start typing in the search box, etc, I hear little pop sounds. These are not sounds as if my sound drivers are messing up. These sound like little sound effects that were very intentionally there.
I don't hear these when I use JFW, so I'm thinking this is something in this update? That is really really cool, if that be the case. I really like them. Nice touch!
Christopher Gilland
Co-founder of Genuine Safe Haven Ministries

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