Re: Slightly OT. Dropbox finally ditches xp

Roger Stewart

About time! Good for them! Time for NVDA to do the same.


On 3/7/2017 1:05 PM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Although they have been threatening it for some months now. today seems to be the day when it happened.
The last version which ran on xp was, and for about a month now its been prompting people to update it. But today, it just sits there permanently synching and doing whatever. Any attempt to run the latest installer will end in a circular error of windows error in an entry point in a dll file.
On amd machines it will simply crash and stop working.

I am given to understand you can still get onto the web site but the desktop client has stopped working.
This coincides with the changes where you can no longer use links to the public folder as a whole, for graphics etc or for file sharing, which I understand was seen as abuse.

OK back to your normal messages.
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