New User Intro and a Couple Questions

David F.

Hello Group Members:


I am attempting to use NVDA because of trouble I am having with a different screen reader.  My computer kept stuttering and stopping with several versions of said screen reader. 


I can do most things relatively easily with NVDA and like the newer voices.


I would like to know if anyone might help me with the following situations I have noticed:


1.  How do I make my enter key say enter each time I hit it?  It does not, and I find this disconcerting. 


2.  In spellcheck, how can I read the current line so as to best determine the proper correction?  In other  words, I need to hear the context or sentence so as to make the best word choice.  I used to have a way to do this in my other screen reader.


3.  When I come to my last email, it repeats this email over and over again. I mean to say, how can I make the voice not read the second time I am at the last email subject?  If it reads and rereads the subject, I think I have several emails, not one. And lastly,


4.  Speaking of emails, how can I figure out, as I used to do, how many emails I have in any of my several folders?


Thank you for any assistance as I continue my exploration of this interesting alternative.  Really, with a voice I am using, it sounds very good, just a little snap, crackle, and pop.



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