Re: New User Intro and a Couple Questions


If the other screen-reader used to work properly and doesn't now, that should be discussed more.  I'm not discouraging you from using NVDA, I'm saying that you may be covering up a problem such as malware and not solving it.  Whatever screen-reader you use, there may be an underlying problem that should be looked into.  Is the stuttering problem a recent one and did the screen-reader work properly before?  What antimalware programs are you using.  Is there any other sign of problems such as slower performance? 
As for the enter question, the only way to hear enter spoken is to use a setting that not only announces enter, but announces other keys every time they are pressed such as left and right arrow.  I'm confident you will get used to not hearing enter spoken but I'm also confident that you don't want to hear left arrow, right arrow and up and down arrow every time you use them as well as other key combinations you will hear.  If you want to play with the command to toggle this feature on and off, it's NVDA key 4 on the main keyboard.  If you are using the desktop keyboard layout, the NVDA key is either insert. 

Are you in the message list and are you down arrowing?
What program are you using spell check in?
What e-mail program are you using?  When you hear the subject repeated, what are you doing?  Are you down arrowing through the message lis or something else?
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From: David F.
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2017 5:08 AM
Subject: [nvda] New User Intro and a Couple Questions

Hello Group Members:


I am attempting to use NVDA because of trouble I am having with a different screen reader.  My computer kept stuttering and stopping with several versions of said screen reader. 


I can do most things relatively easily with NVDA and like the newer voices.


I would like to know if anyone might help me with the following situations I have noticed:


1.  How do I make my enter key say enter each time I hit it?  It does not, and I find this disconcerting. 


2.  In spellcheck, how can I read the current line so as to best determine the proper correction?  In other  words, I need to hear the context or sentence so as to make the best word choice.  I used to have a way to do this in my other screen reader.


3.  When I come to my last email, it repeats this email over and over again. I mean to say, how can I make the voice not read the second time I am at the last email subject?  If it reads and rereads the subject, I think I have several emails, not one. And lastly,


4.  Speaking of emails, how can I figure out, as I used to do, how many emails I have in any of my several folders?


Thank you for any assistance as I continue my exploration of this interesting alternative.  Really, with a voice I am using, it sounds very good, just a little snap, crackle, and pop.



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