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enes sarıbaş

that is an extremely bad suggesstion. If you don't have a very good reason to not update, it is generally a good idea to update.

On 3/8/2017 4:04 PM, Gene wrote:
Is there a specific reason you want to use Windows 10?  You can upgrade for free but I don't know the procedure.  others, I expect, will advise you.  You say it's an old laptop.  There is a Microsoft site you can use to have your computer evaluated to see if it is able to be upgraded.  But unless there is a specific feature you want, I would advise leaving well enough alone. 
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From: Sakina
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2017 6:53 AM
Subject: [nvda] Can I still get it for free

Hello gene and Friends,


I have got this passed down old laptop from a friend that has got window 7

Please forgive me for my terminology below

I wish to update or is called upgrade to window 10

Is it possible and can I still get the window 10 for free?

If yes, than please how do I go about.

I will be and always am grateful for your help and guidance.

Thanking you all again.

With best wishes



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