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You have made a statement and not given any reasons supporting it.  That doesn't tell us anything except that you believe something.  People may have reasons to upgrade from Windows 7 and Microsoft has recently claimed that for security reasons, you should upgrade because Windows 7 is not secure enough anymore because it isn't a new enough operating system to incorporate newer security features.  I haven't seen any independent discussion concerning this.  But there are always problems that may occur when updating and in this case, the point was stated that this is an old computer.  You don't just upgrade.  While many upgrades from Windows 7 go well, you can't assume they will.  I don't think it’s a good idea to urge upgrading as a general practice.  Why is an upgrade being considered?  What features, if any, will be used or are desired by upgrading?  Has the computer been tested for compatibility of the upgrade?

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that is an extremely bad suggesstion. If you don't have a very good reason to not update, it is generally a good idea to update.

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Is there a specific reason you want to use Windows 10?  You can upgrade for free but I don't know the procedure.  others, I expect, will advise you.  You say it's an old laptop.  There is a Microsoft site you can use to have your computer evaluated to see if it is able to be upgraded.  But unless there is a specific feature you want, I would advise leaving well enough alone. 
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Hello gene and Friends,


I have got this passed down old laptop from a friend that has got window 7

Please forgive me for my terminology below

I wish to update or is called upgrade to window 10

Is it possible and can I still get the window 10 for free?

If yes, than please how do I go about.

I will be and always am grateful for your help and guidance.

Thanking you all again.

With best wishes



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