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Jacob Kruger

While have only ever purchased 3 kindle books - only books that couldn't find electronic formats for anywhere else, I did just get hold of a new one, and, installed kindle for PC 1.19.460 just to try it out under windows 10 64 bit, although have already downloaded it to my android phone, where it seems pretty readable along with using talkback.

The only reason looked for this book was when I realised that this version of kindle for PC should be relatively accessible along with NVDA 2017.1, but, I presume this specific book doesn't offer/allow enhanced typesetting, which requirement is sort of mentioned in NVDA help with regards to using browse mode to read a kindle eBook.

That's since while am in what I think is the reading area - announced as border - NVDA reading/navigation commands don't do anything, but, something that might be good to mention in NVDA's help on the kindle topic is that the general kindle navigation commands, like page up, page down, arrow left and right still seem to carry out functionality, and, I know this since pressing space bar while in that piece of the interface does in fact toggle SAPI voice reading of the book, using the default SAPI voice for windows 10.

In other words, while can't use NVDA's browse mode to read this book on my PC, it seems like it's still perfectly possible to just read the book, since NVDA does otherwise handle the interface pretty well.

So, just thought would mention this here.

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