Re: Can I still get it for free


It depends.
How old is this unit.
Be aware some drivers may just not work depending what it is.
I had an old del with 2gb ram I was able to update from 7 to win10, but it was a joke, worse after bits died and got fixed I was never able to load or activate any windows os on it and had to bin it.
I have also had units which while they can run windows are just not able to do anything else.
Some hp units depending on age have driver issues.
So simple point, yes, the accessibility upgrade for 10 can still be installed.
Weather you will be able to get it installed or even if it passes checking by the upgrader if you will be able to get trouble free work from it is another matter.
And it may not qualify for anything over a certain update.
I suspect that eventually older units will not be able to upgrade at all.
In the first release of 10 ms pushed it out to as many as they could.
Aniversary had a little harder requirements for hardware creaters will have harder requirements.
I am not sure but as I say it all depends on things.
For myself I am happy with 7 for how ever long it may last here.

On 9/03/2017 1:53 a.m., Sakina wrote:
Hello gene and Friends,

I have got this passed down old laptop from a friend that has got window 7

Please forgive me for my terminology below

I wish to update or is called upgrade to window 10

Is it possible and can I still get the window 10 for free?

If yes, than please how do I go about.

I will be and always am grateful for your help and guidance.

Thanking you all again.

With best wishes


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