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Ppunctuation should be set to all in the following manner:
Issue the command NVDA key control v if using the desktop layout.
Tab arount the voice settings dialog that opens and set punctuation symbol level to all.  I think this setting should be called simply punctuation level in the program.  Of course punctuation is symbols.  It's redundant to use the word symbol and it may be annoying or confusing to some users.  There is no need to change any other settings.
Then tab to and activate the ok button.
When you want to return to the punctuation level you were using before, issue the command NVDA key control r to restore the previous configuration.

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   No problem, glad I could help!
   Are you using nvda number pad cursor to read with
   are you using the normal arrow keys to read?

   Try setting in nvda
   Voice settings...
   Punctuation/symbol level: all
   When Punctuation symbol level is set to all the arrow keys should
announce all arrow key presses.
   If not there might be a problem in the nvda installation.
I have mine set to some.
   The nvda reading cursor reading character by character reads all.
   I am not sure if I miss being able to set Punctuation symbol level
for different cursors like in jaws.
On 3/27/2016 4:17 AM, Ajay Sharma wrote:
> Thanks a lot Pete, you saved the day!
> Any ideas on how do I make nvda read all the punctuation during say
> all  or while reading line by line? I need it as while coding, it
> doesn't reads all  the punctuation marks when I read line by line, so
> I have to move character by character, and that takes a lot of time.
> Any help on this would be much appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Ajay
> On 3/26/16, Pete <emac00@...> wrote:
>>     Hi
>>     the insert + plus keys on number pad moves the nvda review cursor to
>> the bottom line of cmd window.  You can use nvda's review 7 8 9 line by
>> line 4 5 6 word by word and 1 2 3 char by char.
>>     Pete
>> On 3/26/2016 2:18 AM, Ajay Sharma wrote:
>>> Hey guys,
>>> Plz suggest a way out to,
>>> 1. Read text in command line, CMD.
>>> 2. Make NVDA read all the punctuation, while reading line by line or
>>> during say all, I tried to set punctuation level to all, but it didn't
>>> worked out.
>>> 3.
>>>    Alt + Ctrl + N shortcut is not working.
>>> I am using win 10 Home and NVDA 16.1.
>>> Thanks in advance!
>>> Ajay

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