Re: Slightly OT: I have my gmail full and want to delete some amount of mail Can anyone help?

Øyvind Lode

To the rest of you please read the documentation.
I use the gmail standard view and it's brilliant with firefox and nvda.
By the way the delete shortcut is the # key.
Google have done a great job with gmail and I prefer the web interface
to a mail client like thunderbird or Outlook.
By reading the documentation "how to use gmail with a screen reader"
first you quickly get the hang of it.

On 8 March 2017 at 18:41, Nimer Jaber <> wrote:
When using Gmail, a user can enable keyboard shortcuts that work quite well.
There are hotkeys for performing such commands as delete for example.


On Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 11:04 AM Brian's Mail list account
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I assume Google still have their accessability mail list, has anyone told
them about this issue?
I actually hate webmail myself butt then I'm an old fogie and the thing
about old dogs and new tricks comes to mind!
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If you figure out how to go directly to the Delete button I mention in
4, whether with NVDA or any other screen reader, please let me know. I
not for the life of me get NVDA to find that button, and I suspect it's
because of some design trick used for the web page or maybe it's one of
those evil "links made to look just like a button" that's become trendy
these days.


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