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Hello All Friends ,
Thank you for all your time and trouble regarding my question.
I am sorry for if I asked a wrong question, but I am not so clever when it
comes to technology and once again do not know what is right or wrong to ask
This old laptop is working beautifully and it does all the basics and now
you all have helped me with the answers.
I will now sleep over it and thank you all once again.
With best wishes and many regards always

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I'd be very careful, Sakina. Laptops have often got specific drivers for
their unusual hardware, and these may not be in windows 10. Personally, I'd
leave well alone unless there is some specific reason you want to try it.
Also of course. I think even the special VI offer has ended now, at least
nobody has mentioned it recently to me.

If you know the model of the machine, talk to the makers and see if they
will support it with drivers in Windows 10 before you change anything.
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Subject: [nvda] Can I still get it for free

Hello gene and Friends,

I have got this passed down old laptop from a friend that has got window 7

Please forgive me for my terminology below

I wish to update or is called upgrade to window 10

Is it possible and can I still get the window 10 for free?

If yes, than please how do I go about.

I will be and always am grateful for your help and guidance.

Thanking you all again.

With best wishes


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