Re: Slightly OT: I have my gmail full and want to delete some amount of mail Can anyone help?

Øyvind Lode


That depends on your keyboard layout.
I use a Norwegian layout and I don't know how to get a * on other layouts.
To get a * I press shift + ' (tick) (the third key to the right of the
letter l) followed by the letter a.
So, if you need to press shift+8 to get a * you first press shift+8,
then release and quickly followed by the lettar a (lower case a).
Make sure nvda is in focus mode when performing these gmail short cuts
and also that you've turned on keyboard shortcuts in gmail settings.

On 9 March 2017 at 12:28, kavein thran <> wrote:
hi, you said *+a? how to press that, not sure, that means, shift+8 and A?
On 3/7/17, Øyvind Lode <> wrote:

Press * + a to select all messages in current label/folder.
Press shift+tab and you will land on a link to select all messages in
label since * + a only selects currently visible messages.
I'm currently in my nvda label and when I press * + a 50 messages is
selected since that what I've configured gmail to show on each page
and I press shift+tab and I land on a link named select all 5099
messages in nvda.
If I hit enter on that link I can simply delete all messages by
pressing the # key which is delete in gmail web app.
To use the shortcuts above you need to have keyboard shortcuts turned
on (found in gmail settings).
You can also use the same approach in the all mail view or after
filtering out messages by running a search.

On 7 March 2017 at 06:46, Ketan Kothari <> wrote:
Hi friends,

I am using NVDA 2017.1 and wish to delete a substantial amount of
mails. How do I do this? I believe I will have to use standard view.
Please do guide. I would like to avoid sighted assistance if I could.

Thank you.

With best wishes,


Ketan Kothari
Phone: [r] 24223281,
Cell: 9987550614
Skype ID: Ketan3333

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