Re: Does libreoffice or open office open Microsoft documents?

Simon Jaeger

Everyone I've ever spoken to has said that LibreOffice is better. They have a rather odd licensing agreement: LibreOffice is a fork of Open Office, but continues to implement Open Office's new features. On the other hand, Open Office cannot do the same with changes made to LibreOffice. This means that any accessibility improvements made specifically in LibreOffice will not necessarily be made in Open Office. I may be wrong about this as it's been some time since I've researched it, and both programs can happily exist on the same system simultaneously, so you have nothing to lose by trying both. The last time I used either of them, it was LibreOffice. I found that the writer app was fairly good, although table navigation was not as smooth as Microsoft Word. The calc app (equivalent to Excel or Numbers) caused errors in NVDA sometimes, and focus would inconsistently shift to make navigating with the arrows difficult. I do not know how much of this has changed, as I use Office 2016 now, but I'd be interested to hear about any discoveries made by people on this list.

These may also be useful reading. Please note that this is all from one google search, and does not reflect my opinions or experiences:

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On 2017-03-09 19:24, Brian Vogel wrote:


          Both are 100% capable of opening any of the iterations of Microsoft Office Word documents.  As to accessibility, I'll let others speak to the details, but both are accessible.  I believe I've generally heard that Open Office is slightly more accessible, but I doubt there is a huge difference between the two.  Those who've used either or both on a regular basis with a screen reader are better able to make that call.


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