Re: Using NVDA from a thumb drive?


There is more than one way to make a portable copy of NVDA.  Here is one way.  I am assuming that NVDA is already installed on your machine. 
Major new steps start on new lines.
First, create a folder in which you want to install NVDA.
Then, while NVDA is running, open the NvDA menu with NVDA key n.
Down arrow to tools.
Press enter.  You are now in a submenu. 
Down arrow to create portable copy and press enter.
You are now in a dialog.
Tab to the browse button and press enter.
If you don't know how to work with the dialog you are now in, ask here.
Open the folder you have created to place NVDA in.
Then continue to make the portable copy.  Look around the dialog and if you have questions, ask here.
Once yu have made the portable copy, copy the folder you created onto the thumb drive.
Or cut it to the thumb drive, whichever you wish.
To run NVDA from the thumb drive, connect the thumb drive to the machine you want to run it on.  Have Narrator running before you connect the thumb drive.  If you don't know how to run Narrator, ask here.
Once Narrator is running, find the folder that contains NVDA on the thumb drive.  Open the folder.
Look for NVDA.exe and press enter.  You will probably just here nvda but not exe. 
NVDA will run.  I don't know if you will be asked anything first such as if you want to run the file.  I don't think so. 
Then close Narrator.  It will cause no problem to have NVDA and Narrator running simultaneously so close Narrator and continue running NVDA.

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I am new to the list, and somewhat familiar with NVDA and love it.  Question:  Is there a way to use NVDA from a thumbdrive, for instance, would I be able to use it on whatever computer I am assigned to, as long as I bring my thumb drive with me?  How does that work?


I have been a Jaws user for almost 20 years, hard to believe, but hope NVDA has the portability I would need.  Thanks for any instructions and advice.




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