Re: Using NVDA from a thumb drive?

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>

Hi Judy

I guess it depends whic way you start NVDA from the thumb drive and on which operating system.

The older xp system i think it was you could plug it in and a auto play menu would come up with start nVDA but in later versions this was stopped.

it also depends if you done it on a CD if the auto play menu was enabled or not.

I do have some different ways on my website along with any extra files that might be needed. The extra files were more for the auto play menu part of windows.

The steps were either done using a Windows 7 machine and i think on windows 10 as well.

the link to the pages where the audio or written tutorials are can be found at

You can jump down by heading to the portable tutorials. there are a few different ones to pick from.

I like the one where you name the usb stick qqq then make a folder on the usb stick called nvda then have all the files put into it.

if you get stuff on a new machine you can always bring up narrator to start your copy of nvda as well.

I am so used to starting a computer without narrator i have got used to it.

Any how have a sus and look for the ones that say portable.

They are easy to follow.

hope they help.

Gene nz

On 13/03/2017 4:08 PM, Judy Jones wrote:



I am new to the list, and somewhat familiar with NVDA and love it.  Question:  Is there a way to use NVDA from a thumbdrive, for instance, would I be able to use it on whatever computer I am assigned to, as long as I bring my thumb drive with me?  How does that work?


I have been a Jaws user for almost 20 years, hard to believe, but hope NVDA has the portability I would need.  Thanks for any instructions and advice.




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