Re: Some issues with Windows 8.1


Sometimes nvda won't read folders or recognise I have hit keys on my keyboard say up arrow till I push down then up but its not often.
Especially if the folders are empty nvda may not read on 7.
I am not sure about the last issue why that could be but if you hit nvda 2 on the board to turn off typing characters then it works.
Some console games will do this.
In some games where title bars get in the way toggling nvda to sleep works for these.
You have to turn sleep off when hitting a dialog though.

On 27/03/2016 11:18 p.m., Supanut Leepaisomboon wrote:
Hey everyone,

While using NVDA on my Surface 3 running Windows 8.1, I noticed the following issues.

1. From time to time NVDA won't announce the item selected in File Explorer.

2. From time-to-time NVDA won't read items on the start screen (I actually posted about this back on freelists).

3. In the Command Prompt, NVDA reads all commands character-by-character, which is very annoying.

Is there fixes for the above issues? For the start screen issue I can use Classic Shell, but when I try typing a folder to open, E.G Downloads, it is usually not placed on the top of the search result, unlike with Windows 7's start menu where folders like 'Downloads' are placed on the top of the search result.

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