Re: Using NVDA from a thumb drive?

Judy Jones <sonshines59@...>

That is way too bad, as narrator doesn't even compare! That would be one thing if it were NVDA or Jaws quality.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Using NVDA from a thumb drive?

I'll let others put up the way they do this, but do beware.
If the machine you are using the temp version on is running windows 10,
there are a lot of things that won't read any more that did in windows xp
and 7. It seems the paranoid security folk have made it very hard to get at
some accessibility apis from a program not being run as an admin.
I notice for example some bits of windows just do not work, and ccleaner
loses its list of problems etc.
I was very disappointed in this, as it seems that Microsoft have made
everyone use Narrator on 10 if its not your computer.
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Subject: [nvda] Using NVDA from a thumb drive?


I am new to the list, and somewhat familiar with NVDA and love it.
Question: Is there a way to use NVDA from a thumbdrive, for instance,
I be able to use it on whatever computer I am assigned to, as long as I
bring my thumb drive with me? How does that work?

I have been a Jaws user for almost 20 years, hard to believe, but hope
has the portability I would need. Thanks for any instructions and advice.


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