Re: Eloquence delay after launching NVDA.

David Griffith

It is a long thread so my initial fix may have got lost.


I did contact the Code Factory Retailer and the advice is to simplify your sound card properties in Control Panel , that is remove special affects like surround sound or other themes and just rely on basic stereo output.

It is not perfect but it definitely improve matters.



David Griffith



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If your having problems with the code factory eloquence I would contact them and maybe make a recording so they know  what the exact problem is.


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I was under the impression that embedded eloquence  in Jaws is not able to be used outside, so you need to have one of the two, I think legal versions for nvda.

as an aside and this is not recommended, the old sappi 4 version distributed as via voice out loud with the old ibm home page reader, seems to be actually very reliable. I really cannot take Eloquence  though as I find its lisp very annoying after a while!




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It also depends on your system as well. I hope I’m wrong!  For some

Elequence may respond quickly while for some it’s slow to respond!  I have

it in jaws 14 and I use E speak for NVDA.  Now, Mind you I don’t have Jaws

18 but if it responds no problem then you may have a good system.  I could

be lying!




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I am sorry you have problems with Jaws also. Jaws 18 is fine for me at this





There is a known issue with Code Factory Eloquence  with NVDA.


I have seen several complaints from NVDA users on other lists than this

which complain of the extreme delay with NVDA loading with Code Factory

Eloquence. This caused some to recommend using the illegal NVDA Eloquence

addon  as an alternative which drew an angry response from the person

retailing Code Factory Eloquence in this country.




If was from this person retailing the Code Factory product in this country

that I learnt the tip of amending sound properties in the Control Panel  as

a partial  solution to the slow loading. He in turn had got this advice from

Code Factry as I understand it.




Presumably as not all people have the same configurations in their Sound

Control Panel applet  the  experience of people experiencing this delay may

well vary.




David Griffith




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Subject: Re: [nvda] Eloquence delay after launching NVDA.








Using jfw 18 with elequence, I have this problem sop I don't think this is

an NVDA problem.  JMT.












On 03/12/2017 06:42 AM, David Griffith wrote:




Yes I have had this issue of extreme delayed start up along with the

additional issue of NVDA and eloquence freezing in large  File Explorer





This does not happen with the  illegal versions of Eloquence which is

disappointing from a a Code Factory quality point of view.




I managed to improve matters  to some degree by going into the Sound

Properties in Windows Control Panel, selecting my default sound device and

turning off all the fancy affects like surround sound and just selecting

just basic stereo as my output format.




This has had the affect of slightly diminishing the funkier music output

from my PC but I am not now waiting upt to a minute  or more for NVDA to





I still get the problem of NVDA not responding with large file explorer

windows  but what I have learnt is that if you turn Narrator on with Windows

Enter temporarily you can navigate your file lists fine until NVDA wakes up

and starts responding again. I just turn Narrator off when NVDA finally

catches up.




David Griffith








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Subject: [nvda] Eloquence delay after launching NVDA.




Hello Everyone,




I am experiencing a significant delay after launching NVDA with Code Factory’s

Eloquence implementation selected as the speech synthesizer.




I am running on Windows 10.




Does anyone else experience this issue and, if so, what steps have resolved

this issue?



























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