Is NVDA right for me?

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Hello group,

I have a cognitive impairment and can't read large amounts
of text easily without getting fatigue.

I am trying to decide between using Windows Narrator, NVDA,
JAWS, or possibly other programs.

Although NVDA is free and is supposed to be good, I'm not
sure it is the right program for me. Let me explain.

There are several people using this family computer, and I
don't want an intrusive program that will take over Windows,
and run in the background and bother them.

We all use the same log in, and I don't want people to have
to log on and off as different users. I myself don't even
want to use this type of software all the time when I use
the computer.

I personally just want a program that I can turn on and off
whenever I want to read out loud a specific piece of text
at any given time.

Windows Narrator is pretty easy to turn on and off, but its
extremely difficult to control what it reads out loud, it
just starts spewing without end whatever is on the screen.

I also don't know how the voice sounds in NVDA, but I don't
want something too robotic sounding.

So based on that I just want to use this program in a limited
way, is NVDA right for me?

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