Re: Accessible Application Updater

Kevin Cussick

hi Gene, sorry I should not have responded to this on list this is a good egsample of not reading all mail first. but as said this has been resolved. but I did not see any mail to date saying to stop speaking about this.

On 14/03/2017 00:54, Gene wrote:
I have no objection to the original discussion continuing.

When such personal disputes come up, will list members please make a
point of reading all their male before responding? And it would be a
good idea to wait a while to see if the thread is resolved before
commenting. In this case the dispute had been resolved before another
message was sent by a list member not originally in the dispute. It is
nnot appropriate for small disputes like this to become topics for
general discussion.

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Is it ok if we continue the thread as long as it is related to
specifically the updater software, and not regarding the comments that
were made, or would you rather it be closed period altogether.

Please clarify. Either way, I'm ok with your decision.


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