Re: Unable to get to Embedded object when playing something in Google Chrome only

Dejan Ristic

Hi Gene,

Let me try to give you a reply to your question, although I'm not going to promise that I shall be more certain at the moment.

As for the buttons from the first link, I'm unable to see them in any of the browsers, except Internet Explorer 11, currently installed on my machine.

How do I find the buttons?

When I open the link in IE, I hit O to get me to the embedded object area. Then, I hit space, and the buttons play and pause are before me. I was able to do the same in Firefox before.

As for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera now, I am able to do the following:

When I find the embedded object area, and when I press space on it, the only thing I can do is switch to the focus mode, and turn the volume up and down by using the up and down arrows.

The same goes for the second link.

On 3/14/2017 2:10 AM, Gene wrote:
I almost never use Chrome and it isn't current on my Windows 7 machine.  I can let it update and test it later tonight on that machine if you don't get definite answers before then.  I can check the site later after I let Chrome update.  But I can't switch machines now.  I was able to see an embedded object when I used my older version of Chrome on my XP machine.  I think this is a problem introduced in Chrome.  My older version of Chrome is still new enough that it should have played an HTML5 stream if it were available.  Let's try to be more certain.  Try going to the first link you gave and, starting from the top of the page, look for button the pag3e.  Do you see anything like a play button and other buttons you might see in a player?  If so, then the new Chrome is using an HTML stream. 
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Here is the first link:

The page is in Serbian, so I think that it will not matter. It is a radio live streaming programme.

Here comes the second one:

Take care,

On 3/14/2017 12:14 AM, Gene wrote:
On what sites?  Can you give a link to a specific movie or audio where this happens?  When people report a problem on web pages, if possible, an address to a page where the problem occurs should be given.  This may or may not be a problem with Chrome.  It may be that for some reason, other browsers are using HTML5 for the stream and other browsers are using Flash on the same page. 
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Subject: [nvda] Unable to get to Embedded object when playing something in Google Chrome only


I'm no longer able to get to embedded objects by pressing O, and/or
Shift O when I play a movie or audio. It happens only in Google Chrome.
NVDA says: No next embedded object, and/or No previous embedded object.

When I try the same in Firefox, or even Opera, or even Avast! Safe Zone
Browser, it won't fail.


I am regularly in the browse mode, for it is only possible to issue the
embedded object-related command when in the browse mode.

Google chrome version: latest.

NVDA version: latest.

Operating system: Windows version: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (64-bit)

Note 2:

When I arrow up or down manually on a web page, I can find the embedded
object area on the page.



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