Re: prevent pages from refreshing

Pete <emac00@...>

I a while ago asked about a screen buffer / cache for nvda to hold the content in memory while the page was refreshing so we could read it with out nvda constantly trying to read over and over the refresh.
It would take up too much memory to do this is I think what I was told. Not sure how it can be done other than suspending the pages refresh rites.

On 3/27/2016 12:06 PM, Arno Schuh wrote:
Even it would be possible to stop JavaScript - there is an add on called "noscript" that can do the job in Firefox - it is cumbersome and always need several steps to activate or deactivate the refresh function.
I had such a site that permanently refreshes but can't show it to the public, because it is the config screen of my mobile router. I couldn't config it myself in the past, but need sighted help to change the settings of the device.
A single keystroke like in Cobra or at last pressing some other hotkey combination to temporary freeze the screen and give it free again by the same keystroke would be very helpful in NVDA, too.

Am Sonntag, 27. März 2016 14:30 schrieb Pete <emac00@...>:

in fire fox one can change a lot of java settings, or even disable
java. Might try disabling java and see how that works, or if it
stops the page from working.

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