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Window-eyes isn't simpler than NVDA.  I don't know just what Narrator can do.  for your purposes, I don't know if it's any better or not.  Narrator may be simpler but that doesn't mean it will meet your needs.  I'm not saying that NVDA or Narrator will meet your needs or not.  I'm saying that I don't think you are looking at options in the right order.  I would think that there are e-mail lists and/or Internet forums where people who have dyslexia and other print disabilities can discuss programs they use to read print and they may be able to discuss how best to read whatever you want to read.  
I'm not saying that you won't decide to look into screen-readers after you try to get information about other means.  I'm saying that I think you are looking at options in the wrong order.  Screen-readers are intended for blind users and don't necessarily do things that you want done or in the way you want them done. 

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Cannot read much text without getting ill, but don't need to
navigate the computer.

I think the answers have pretty much covered it, right now
leaning towards something that might be simpler then NVDA.

Might need to learn how to really fine tune Windows Narrator
or learn more about Windows Eyes.

Thanks for the help!

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>I have not seen all messages on this thread therefore what I ask may have already been covered. In what situation do you need to read text? If you are fatigued when reading long documents then a solution like text aloud may work better. If however, you need to navigate the computer by using speech, then NVDA is the way to go.

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