Learning Programming

Biblesoft 8288 <biblesoftech8288@...>

I am wanting to learn HTML5as well as a Compiled language.

I am looking for Books that takes the New to Programming person from the
very first Starting point, to at least a level to be able to maybe at
least understand what my Boss is attempting to do on her Web Site. I
am not thinking I am going to work through one Book and be a Crack HTML5
Code Demon.

So far, I have attempted to learn from On Line Tutorials, but these are
always a Video, which gives a lot of info, but ther is always something
the sighted can see, that I miss, and my code doesn't work.

I have downloaded code examples and have been able to see where I was
wrong, but not always.

I am sure some of you here might do some programming and have gone
through the junk of finding truly useful resources to learn what needs
to be learned.

My Boss would also like me to see if I could learn to write an Install
program for their software their Company produces.

I have to laugh, but this is the spot I find myself. AM not exactly a
Newby, and yet, I am.

So, anyone use any Books in a form I can read on the Computer?
If so, would you tell me the Titles and where you obtained them.

Thanks for any help,


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