Re: Piriform Recuva,v1.53.1087 recovering folders using nvda?


Well I had a few drives that failed all at once.
I was able to recover all the file names but not the contents.
While the majority of files could be transfered, as well as some stuff locally stored, the fact was that most of the data was gone.
Even after recovering from another less failing but still dammaged drive, I still lost a couple unimportant folders.
It was better than what I lost origionally but still.

On 17/03/2017 9:08 p.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Yes all recover is doing is changing bits in the file allocation
table. You probably cannot make the folder the same as s before due to
the way ntfs tends to work. However you can do exactly what windows
does when you move a file, it merely changes the fat so the same file
locations are pointed to by an entry in that new folder. Obviously until
its been recovered every write you do including nothing at all runs the
risk of corrupting the files so its best to just restore them to
anywhere then fiddle with them later. Another word of warning is that if
they are dlls or other system files they lose their registration even if
you eventually put them back where they were.
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i only know about files.
use tab key to select your desired files, press space on them to make
it checked for recover.
specially use the files which you know the status for recovery is
excellent or very Good.
and you can recover them easily.
remember that select different folder than original one for restoring
your recovered files.
hope that help and God bless you!

On 3/16/17, The Wolf <> wrote:
Hello I accidently deleeted some files and was able to recover them
using Piriform Recuva
I also had it keep the folder structure how do I restore a couple of
folders from that scan? I see all the files indevidually and I know what
folders has the stuff I want but I can't just select the folders that I
am wanting to recover so am wanting to know if it is possible with
nvda? if so how do I accomplish this? I tried with nvda and also tried
with jaws.

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