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Christo Vorster



I accept that there might be better antivirus programs than Defender, but what are they?


My experience with Defender on my Windows 2010 machines have been positive, up to now.




Christo Vorster (Worcester, South Africa)


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Computer advisors I trust say that Defender isn't as good as other good programs.  There is a debate about whether and to what extent this matters because, evidently, Microsoft says that Defender will protect against malware that users are likely to encounter.  I expect that if you look for information in places like PC World, Kim Komando, Life Hacker, and other reputable advisors, that many of them will say that it's better to use something else. 



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I think to be fair to Defender/msse there has always to be a few people who
get a virus as its a continuous battle between the virus and malware folk
and the anti virus software writers.


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> Plese don't take this conversation off list.
> I'm glad you shared this to the list.  It is very valuable to know
> accessible virus programs.  I don't see how this could be construed as
> advertising.
> I have heard that Caspersky is now accessible once you can get it
> installed. If you do a google search for accessible virus programs with
> screen readers, etc, you should come upon an article by David goldfield
> about this.  After he had issues with Windows Defender not catching
> viruses he investigated and chose Caspersky.
> I'm still hoping for more input from listers on antivirus programs that
> work well with NVDA and are highly rated in the sighted world or other
> folks experiences with Caspersky which is a good program.
> thanks for sharing.
> brenda
> On 3/15/2017 4:56 AM, Felix G. wrote:
>> Hello,
>> the program is subscription-based, and there is a free 30 day test
>> period.
>> It scans for viruses, worms and the like in addition to the wider
>> definition of malware including adware and spyware.
>> Here is the link:
>> So much in the interest of sharing. I think any follow-ups should be
>> discussed off-list since this is going way off topic and may easily be
>> construed as me running an ad campaign, which I am not. ;)
>> Kind regards,
>> Felix
>> Casey <cwollner@... <mailto:cwollner@...>> schrieb am Di.,
>> 14. März 2017 um 14:41 Uhr:
>>     Hi where can you get this Emsisoft Antimalware from?
>>     Also is it free or is there A charge for this program?
>>     And how easy is it to set up and install?
>>     Well it work with Jaws 18 as well?
>>     *From:* Felix G. <mailto:constantlyvariable@...>
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>>     *Subject:* Re: [nvda] accessible antivirus
>>     Hi!
>>     I use Emsisoft Antimalware. It's fast, scans for potentially
>>     unwanted programs (such as adware) in addition to general malware
>>     like trojans and worms, and has, to my mind, the best behavior
>>     analysis around, spotting backdoors from how they behave even if
>>     the file itself is unknown, to provide just one example. This goes
>>     far beyond what is usually referred to as detection by heuristics.
>>     Accessibility-wise most things I need are in the tab order but I
>>     find myself resorting to flat review sometimes.
>>     Greetings,
>>     Felix
>>     Chris <chrismedley@...
>>     <mailto:chrismedley@...>> schrieb am Mo., 13. März 2017
>>     um 21:25 Uhr:
>>         Windows defender is already built into windows ten so you
>>         don’t need any other anti virus program
>>         And its accessible
>>     Casey

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