Re: No remote speech with the NVDA Remote Addon

Jonathan Milam

I have set all of this the way you indicated and I'm still not getting
speech from the Remote machine.

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Dropbox did massive pooh yesterday in any case.
Loads of people found their desktop programs could not connect and the web site froze then went completely off during early afternoon, no doubt overloaded.

All this to stop people linking to whole folders. I mean if its not broken don't fix it is once again very true.
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When ever i remote into another pc and it is sending keys to it i always use the windows key+ letter D to put my self on there desk top. I know i am on it as i have say 32 icons and they might havealot less depending which computer i remote into.

Then i use the F11 key again to stop sending keys and use the windows key + letter D to put my self back on the desk top of mine.

Plus in the settings both are usually set to client and in the second one one persons is set to it to be controled while the other is let my computer be controled.

I do have a written tutorial on using it on my web site but all the audio tutorials are not working at present as drop box done a update and broke them all which are in the process of been fixed.

Gene nz


On 18/03/2017 6:55 AM, Jonathan Milam wrote:
Hi All,

I recently installed NVDA and the Remote Add-on to test its functionality. I am able to successfully connect the two computers, and get the notification that both are connected, but when I press F11, I get no speech from the remote machine, though I do hear a message that I am now controlling the remote machine. The remote audio Mute option is not checked on the controlling computer. I am using<> as the host, and ensuring that the controlled computer and controlling computer settings are properly set as well. Any ideas?


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