Re: Saving application settings

Andre Fisher

Yes, for about 3 years now, the checkbox is checked by default. I must
say it might pose some problems, but find it to be the standard as it
relates to screen readers when closed and opened.

On 3/27/16, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:
Hmmm I have used a stable config, I do have app profiles for some stuff
but to be honest I have not had a problem.

On 28/03/2016 7:34 a.m., Gene wrote:
As I recall, save configuration settings on exit used to be unchecked by
default. I haven't looked for quite awhile. Are people saying that
settings are now saved on exit by default? If so, that’s a really bad
idea because it may lead to lots of inadvertently saved changes. People
may change something intending the change to be temporary and find it
unintentionally being saved.

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From: Chris Mullins
Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2016 1:25 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Saving application settings

Calling them application settings may lead to confusion as NVDA refers to
them as configuration settings. Whether configuration settings are saved
on exit or not is governed by the 'Save configuration on exit' check box
in the General settings dialog (NVDA+Control+g). If you elect to uncheck
this setting, NVDA+Control+c will save the current configuration.

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From: Shaun Everiss []
Sent: 27 March 2016 18:56
Subject: Re: [nvda] Saving application settings

Well unless you change it, it automatically saves on exit.

On 28/03/2016 1:49 a.m., wrote:
Does anyone know how to save application settings in NVDA. I find the
manual a bit confusing when it comes to this...I believe a profile needs
to be created and I would like that it be triggered by a specific
application but when do I choose the settings & save?


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