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David Griffith

I thought it was just worth mentioning that the Codex program produced for VI Users by James Scholes includes an Explorer context menu shortcut which converts from many document formats to ePub Mobi and  other formats and back.


So with this program just focus on your Word Document  in Explorer, bring up the context menu, select Codex and then convert to ePub from your available options.

Seems to work fine in the limited use I have made of it.

This program is most often cited for Kindle DRM Removal but these other ottions are also very useful.


David Griffith


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From: Quentin Christensen
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I haven't used Smashwords, although I have published on other platforms.  One tool I have used is Calibre which converts documents to and from a number of formats, including ePub (and mobi).


Once you have an ePub, it's worth running through: which will test whether there are any major ePub validation errors which will often throw up red flags on various publishing sites (Apple iBooks will reject books which don't pass that validator for instance - or at least, if they reject you, they recommend fixing any errors that site shows).


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Hi David,

I have published a book on smashwords some years ago.  The process is accessible but you need your book formatted correctly which is where you  may want to get sighted assistance to verify the formatting like uniform fonts being used etc. Yes, it may be possible to format correctly with NVDA but the process is tedious not because of NVDA but the way a screen reader works and presents information via speech. If we could get a tool like the Jaws text analyser,  verifying formatting etc., would become easier. Yes, there is already a ticket about this.




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