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Jonathan Milam

Thanks, Robert.  However, the columns that I want to navigate are outside typical browsers and are in a radio automation software program.  I would’ve thought that NVDA would feature a way to hear the status of a particular column quickly without the need to physically scroll over to it, especially if it is several columns over from the left.




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Hi Jonathan,
I think you may use alternatively the addons for the addons for Easy Table Navigator which I believe Joseph Lee is the main author of this addons. I've been using this for couple of times specially when navigating to the column. or you could assigned keystroke for it. Below is the mentioned link:
If you have questions to this addons, I may suggest to leave him a message directly or here in the mailing list for the instruction. But, I believe there is instructions that is mention for the Help of that addons as well.

Robert Mendoza

On 3/20/2017 11:20 PM, Jonathan Milam wrote:

Hi All,


I wasn’t able to find this in the NVDA  user’s guide.  I know that you can use control+alt and the arrow keys to navigate columns, but is there a way of reading  a single column header?  In other words, Instead of having to press a command 6 times to get to the 6th column and hear its status, is there a way of just pressing a single keystroke, alt+6 for example, that will read it quickly?





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