Re: google chrome and the website help

Dejan Ristic


Although I'm not using, let me ask a question.

What do you think about switching to the focus mode in Chrome, and trying to tab to the desired area?

It's happened to help me when I've been unable to reach some contents in the browse mode.

On 3/21/2017 5:06 AM, The Wolf wrote:

Hello I posted this last night but haven't heard back.

I need some one to try

in chrome I am unable to find the chat link fore chatting with friends online

below is what internet explorer is showing.


in google chrome I get
News Feed
Friend Requests  Alt+2
Messages  Alt+3
 Notifications 2 Alt+4
Main Menu
where is the chat link at?
I am running in to this with nvda and jaws, this only happens with google chrome
can any one please confirm this am trying to figure out if it is just me running in to this or if facebook broke the site once again.


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