Re: Microsoft Edge issue - Forms refreshing



I will echo Gene's observation that MS-Edge does not yet have a number of accessibility issues worked out, which is but one reason that I avoid it and encourage my clients to do so as well until they are.

I know what follows will sound like difficult advice, particularly since you are early in your personal journey with losing your vision, but you will find that you must have both an alternative screen reader (and on Windows 10 that could be Narrator) and an alternative web browser or browsers in your "back pocket" for use when necessary.  There are definitely enough similarities between the major web browsers that this is not close to impossible to do for what most of us consider routine browsing tasks.   JAWS and NVDA have enough similarity that using one or the other becomes reasonably easy, too.  I have not yet played with Narrator because it's not something that any of my clients have used or wanted to use yet.  I have seen all sorts of websites that would not cooperate with a specific screen reader, web browser, or both and that's for browsers other than Edge.  Even if it's at the most basic level you will occasionally need to punt to another browser, screen reader, or both to work around issues with the occasional quirky website that just doesn't want to behave for you.

Your description with regard to MS-Edge refreshing is interesting to me because, even though I'm not generally using a screen reader, it will do this when I return focus to my Gmail that's being displayed in the Edge browser if I've been away from that screen for a while.  This is a 100% consistent behavior that's been going on for a long time now.  I think it applies to other webpages, too, but now I'll have to test that out to be sure.

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