NVDA changing tab order


Hi everyone.

I'm making accessible one web application and I'm facing a really weird issue. The application opens a web browser (internet explorer) and navigates through asp pages which have a flash embedded in html.

I have the tabIndex defined in the elements of the flash movies and everything works ok in our test machine.

The problem comes when I switch to a different computer. With NVDA turned off (or turned on in silent mode), the tab order works as intended. When I open NVDA or I disable the silent mode, the tab order is messed up. I've tried in several computers and that happens in all of them, except the test machine which for some reason works ok.

Both machines (the test one which works ok and the ones that fail) are pointing to the same server, so they both use the same asp pages, flash movies etc.

I've also checked both NVDA have the same configuration (I even exported a portable copy of the NVDA working ok and run it in the other machines). Internet explorer and flash also have the same version and configuration.

Any ideas about why this is happening? I've spent a lot of time investigating the issue with no success, so any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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