Re: nvda (next 13944,8cd12221) and addon focus highlight (ver 4) in file explorer (win10 1607 - 14393.969 are triggering anerror sound

Takuya Nishimoto


Thank you for reporting issue with FocusHighlight.
I will investigate it later.

For your information, this addon uses the following GitHub issues.

Takuya Nishimoto

2017-03-23 19:58 GMT+09:00 J.G <>:


has anyone, who uses nvda with focus highlight addon found next problem:

- start file explorer

- tab to listview

expected: normal navigation

actual: an error sound and nvda does not show a content of folder.

I don't know if this problem exists in earlier versions of nvda but I found
it in last next snapshot.

I think that problem is with focus highlight, because when I have disabled
this addon, Nvda worked normaly.

Any solution?


regards, Jo┼żef

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