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    hanks to Christopher for your response it's just one more company that does notcare about accessability just maybe some other company will come out and do so then we can go to them.It's not so easy for blind people to cut the cord.  There should be a law to make companies like sling to comply with the law

Brian Sackrider 

On 3/29/2017 6:35 AM, Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:

Lamentably, the last time that I explored anything related to them, the accessibility was absolutely horrible! Further, when I spoke to their phone customer service, they were incredibly unwilling to work with me with accessibility issues. Basically, they told me, well if it doesn't work, just cancel. When I tried telling them, I'm willing to work with you all to get things working better, they said, we don't have the resources to make it better for a blind person.
So, I pretty well just said, well, screw them too, then!
Christopher Gilland
Co-founder of Genuine Safe Haven Ministries
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     Does nvda work with sling tv?  If so what do I needto doto
configure it?  I would like to use sling tv if thats possible.  My
friend down loaded sling tv on my computer but when he goes in to it
nvda does not speak if it does it just says unknown.  When he goes from
channel to channel nothing is spoken.  Could there be an add on for this?
Brian Sackrider

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