update on sling tv accessability

brian <sackriderbrian45@...>

My friend who downloaded sling tv on my computer called sling tv and he talked to a very nice lady who put in a reuest to make sling tv accessable for screen readers. She told him that if we don't know we can't mke it happen and she said that hecan go to sling.com and go to support or customer service and also put in a request there. I will keep the list updated if I get any new developments. They are very willing to take any requests that their users have. You can request certain channels to be added and they will work on it. They do offer alot of the major cable channels with out all of the jumk channels. Why pay for 200 channels when you only watch a very small number of them. I guess that Christopher talked to a badapple he should have asked to talk to a superviser. There are bad apples in every company. myfriend has sommited several requests to sling tv for certain channels to be added and my 2 requests one for dvs and one for accessability of the sling tv app.
Brian Sackrider

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