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Yes its in other programs like goldwave and even on explorer.
It seems to be totally random. No restarting nvda or another portable copy does not fix it.
I don't have any widgets set up.
My feeling is that its something coming on and sitting almost invisibly and screwing things up. Maybe its that notorious networks thing in the tray that opens if you hang about on it too long, but is not keyboard accessible or even seeable.

I've just done a quick check of windows, but it might be an idea if I did a system file check I guess, anyone remember the syntax on windows 7?
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Let me join the thread, although I may not have any knowledge in
relation to the very matter.

When I started using Windows 7, I happen to have had Desktop Gadgets
checked at that time. I think that I experienced similar issues. When I
did the unchecking of the mentioned, all went as smoothly as possible.

On 3/30/2017 2:24 AM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
You mentioned losing the shut down and restart menu options, is that
in the Windows start menu or in NVDA itself? Is the problem in other
programs as well (can you access menu or context menu items in your
browser, or notepad or word for instance)?

If you restart NVDA itself rather than the whole computer, does this
fix the issue?

Finally, if you could send me a copy of the log file I can have a look
and see if we can find anything in there. More info on the log file
and how to get it is here:

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Has anyone else encountered a gradual loss of menus and object
It seems to start with context menues first, ie you hear context
menu, but no items speak, if you then try to continue you
progressively lose shut down and restart menu options then desktop
then everything in the running application. rebooting nvda makes
no difference, its as if the info windows is sending is being
blocked from view.
Sighted people have no issues, it looks and works as normal to
them. the only cure is a shut down and restart of windows.
If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears. Some days I never see it on
others it happens a lot. If I allow it to go on I have to shut
down with the big power button as nothing will let me know what
menu item I'm on. Occasionally the computer will utter random
stuff like secure desktop or pane for no apparent reason and yes,
I have scanned it for malware.

Its hard to diagnose something like this as it could be almost
anything at all.
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