Re: Inaccessible webpage controls that "don't seem to exist" when I look at page source

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Maybe they don't appear in the source because they are put there by external javascript. Try looking at the linked js files in the source.



El 31/03/2017 a las 1:33, Brian Vogel escribió:

Hello All,

        This whole conversation is bound to "get geeky" and is not, at least not directly, NVDA related but it is screen-reader related and I was using NVDA when I discovered this problem.  If anyone happens to have an account with they may be able to see if they can replicate this.

         When working with this issue I used the latest version of NVDA and my friend who brought it to my attention and asked for assistance has already tried the same thing with JAWS and Window Eyes and still no dice.  All of this was tried using the latest version of Firefox regardless of the screen reader.  This is on a system running Windows 7.

         On the screen for this company, once you're logged in, is a series of controls that appear on the right that allow you to do things such as, "Change box type," "Schedule a hold," "Skip a delivery," and "Manage account".  The interesting thing is that Manage account is a link (which is presented as looking like a button, as are the others above it) but  the other three options are something, but I know not what.

          If I try to do an NVDA search on any of the specific words in the phrase nothing comes back as found.  If I do a Firefox find it will find and land on, say, "Change box," or, "Schedule."  If I activate any of these controls with the conventional "point and click" it triggers a dialog overlay to appear where the box at the center is what you're supposed to do things like hit specific check controls and press a button and surrounding it is a dark gray transparent area that overlays the web browser window you were looking at.  However, NVDA does not seem to have any ability to interact with this dialog overlay.  What's weirder is that if I do something like hitting tab NVDA seems to be continuing to interact with the web page beneath the overlay.  I have once or twice, using Firefox find and the spacebar managed to trigger one of these controls, but it is in no way consistent.

          So, I decided to take a look at the page source for this page thinking, "Surely I'll find out what these controls are by searching on the phrase used on their 'buttons.'  Well, I don't.  There is nothing in the page source, anywhere, for "Change box" or "Schedule".

           I cannot for the life of me figure out what these control objects actually are.  They are not buttons, they are not links, and in the page source they do not even seem to exist.  NVDA and other screen readers do not even seem to recognize their existence nor the presence of the overlay dialogs that they trigger if mouse clicked.

           Does anyone know what this sort of control is and if there's a "standard method" of getting a screen reader, any screen reader, to recognize their presence and to interact with the overlay dialogs that they cause to be triggered?

           If this belongs off-list please just say so and request that all help be offered to me via e-mail.  I posted here because I have to believe that this particular ilk of inaccessible control has to exist elsewhere and, for all I know, may begin becoming more common.  Since I don't know what the control is, nor do screen readers, I don't even know how to ask a truly focused question about a "ghost control."


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