Re: Addon for improving accessibility of whatsapp web

Andre Fisher

Have you tried this site with F123 access? It is much more accessible.

On 3/31/17, Peter B <> wrote:
Hi, Sorry that I ask this question, but I am not a programmer. Would
somebody like to make an addon for NVDA that automatically reads aloud new
messages in whatsapp web? I think its quite inconvenient to always use
up-arrow keys and search for a new message and its annoying that you always
have to get the date and time spoken first and if a chat is opened, you
don't even notice if a message comes in. Also probably it were sensible to
make an addon that reads aloud new added content to a website anyway, so
that webchats in general are more accessible. Maybe someone of you feels
like doing so and also has enough knowledge unlike me?

Kind regards,

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