Re: Eliminating excess verbiage in e-mail programs

Ron Canazzi

Hi Brian,

I have several divisions within my address book. This can be done in Thunderbird. You can do a group mailing easily.

On 4/5/2017 5:54 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
The effect mentioned can occur in live mail and some other programs. It seems that when the tree is updated the branch you are in is also refreshed at the same time I do not use thunderbird, not because its bad, but because I have problems using the hot keys etc and since I have a lot of addresses I need to keep seperate, this is harder with these sort of programs than the good old Outlook Express.

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I don't have any problem with unwanted column headers being spoken in
thunderbird using NVDA. I simply put my cursor on the column I want to
hear (subject), then simply arrow up/down through the list, and it reads
the subject of the email, and only the subject, not the date, not the
sender, and once I press enter on the email, then it reads the message,
and I can act on it as I so choose. Once I close that message, (if I
close that message, and don't just press delete to remove it), it
returns to the message list, and continues reading only subject lines.
I don't know what folks are doing to hear all the column headers every
time, I've never had this problem, and haven't been able to make it do
so even when trying to reproduce the behavior.

On 3/23/2017 11:02 PM, Gene wrote:
I can get rid of the constant repetition of the words to and from and
subject when e-mail headers are read in e-mail programs by using the
speech dictionary. But considering that, after being heard a small
number of times by inexperienced users, this verbiage gives no useful
information and wastes time, could there be a feature you can turn on
to eliminate such verbiage specifically and only in e-mail programs?
I imagine the feature would be limited to programs NVDA has been
taught to work with in this way through scripts or in some other way.
Even if this were just done for about five popular programs, Outlook
Express, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, and the Windows 10
mail app, I expect it would make going through messages much more
pleasant for a lot of users.

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