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Oh, OK. that is easy.
So... with the desktop layout, which is what you'd be set to by default, it's insert+num pad 5 twice quickly. Numpad 5 by itself is current character, whereas insert+numpad 5 is current word.
In other words, without the insert key, it's current character, or if pushed twice quickly it will phenetically name the letter, like, alpha, bravo, charley, delta, echo, etc.
If however you add the insert key, sometimes called the jaws key, it reads the current word. If you hold down the insert key while quickly pressing num pad 5 twice, it will spell the word, and as you guessed, if you hold down the insert key and then quickly press num pad 5 twice quickly, it'll spell the word quickly.
So, instead of:
c h r i s,
You'd hear:
charley hotel romio india sierra.
Now, if you're using the laptop layout, then the keys are a little different.
capslock+K is current word, and capslock+K twice quickly will spell the word.
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Hi, all. in jaws when I want to check a letter by pressing the same key twice I hear it as millitary spelling. for example if I press V I hear victor and so on. If I do this with NVDA it spell the word and not the letter. How can I get NVDA to do the same as jaws? Using W10, current NVDA. Help.
Holger Fiallo

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