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derek riemer

As a code contributer, I would never implement this feature because new users would have trouble understanding why this exists, and might think to them selves Oh. I want the latest and greatest, not understanding the risks behind running snapshot code. Also, once you get the snapshot build (which takes a few minutes max if you know about NVDA's community website) you will have updates on master/next forever (until you manually downgrade). This is an over complication of a minimalist interface, and complexity is the root of all evil.

On 3/26/2016 6:54 AM, Kevin Cussick via wrote:
no this is not a good idea,   a newbey might try this feature that you want and download a snap and it might have problems then threw word of mouth nvda gets a bad reputation,   this was asked for some years ago and the devs gave this explanation of why it was a  bad idea I agree with them.

On 26/03/2016 03:51, Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:
I was just thinking how cool of a feature this would be, and I'd not
think it would be terribly hard either to implement.
How hard would it be from the official build, like in this case, 2016.1,
to put an option in the NVDA menu, maybe under Tools, that automatically
like downloading updates would let the user download and install the
latest snapshot build rather than them having to go out to the web site
and manually get it.  Either that, or maybe under the General tab of
preferences, where you have the box to check or uncheck for checking for
updates, maybe have another one that says download snapshot builds when
What do you all think?
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